Founded in 2010, History Walks evolved out of the belief that local history is important. The people which are most passionate about local history are local people. Every history is important and can be shared and History Walks is the place to follow these footprints of histories.

How can Geographic Information Systems be implemented with Historic Preservation?

What was once merely numbers within books held in the county archives and historical societies can now be put into a map to express an area at a give time in history ( census data, tax records, probate, deeds, etc.) Think about boundaries of the past like rivers, countries, oceans, etc. Take the Mississippi River as an example of a boundary. This is a symbolic and cultural place, but is interpreted differently by which side you live on, what state you live in, and how far you live from it. Many of our ancestors immigrated or migrated from neighboring states or far away lands to settle the wilderness. Our towns and villages are vital to our understanding of our nation. Our communities expressed an identity based of its inhabitants, every history is unique and therefore there is a need to connect beyond our boundaries. What we can show when the data exists is a better understanding, of a place and to share, interact, and visualize memories.

The purpose of History Walks is to share a history with people across boundaries. Histories which are not written in any book need a place to be shared. Will you join me on History Walks as we visit untold stories.

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